Who you think you are matters

In the much celebrated American crime drama television series, The Blacklist, a man, Mr Peter Kotsiopulos (David Strathairn), was kidnapped by a ruthless man, Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) in a bid to force a group of highly placed, highly connected, and very powerful individuals, known simply as The Cabal, to exonerate Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). In the discussion that ensued when the propofol he was injected with wore off, Mr Peter had this threat to issue, “I am the CIA Director of Clandestine Services. Do you have any idea what’s gonna to happen to you? This is an act of war. My government will never let it stand.” This man knew who he was, a man of value to the United States Government; he knew the United States Government has the power no man on earth could dare or defeat. Continue reading

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Thank You Lord for Your blessing on me

I woke up today, 25th September, wondering how to thank God! With access to the entire wealth of the English language vocabulary, my mouth could not utter a single coherent word of thanks. Every word I considered fell short, none could sufficiently convey how my heart felt. It was in this void that I remembered a song my wonderful brother and friend, Pharm Omole Timilehin sent to me a month or two back, and as if on cue, another good friend Mr Morgak Gortip sent another version of it to me yesterday. This song describes, eloquently and succinctly, much of the just exhausted 365 days of my life, and as I celebrate the commemoration of my birth today, I am making it my theme song for the celebration. For your info, I have been playing it since morning.

Enjoy the song. Continue reading

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Bringing Lazarus to life: The One Who Believes

Lazarus. Who is Lazarus? The name Lazarus is pretty popular. There are two of them, at least by my count, in scripture; the poor man who begged at the rich man’s gate (Luke 16:20), and the one that was raised from the dead (John 11). But I am not talking about any of these; our Lazarus is the third one. Continue reading

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Like the Naira Note

Imagine a one thousand Naira note. Do you have any idea where it’s being? Do you know what it has been used for? Do you know what has happened to it?

May be the note fell into the mud; may be it was trampled under feet;
Continue reading

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That was Jesus

“He will answer them, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth. Whenever you failed to do one of these things to someone who was being overlooked or ignored, that was me – you failed to do it to me.’” (Matthew 25:45 MSG)

A preacher once asked his congregants; “Who has seen Jesus?” Not a single person said they have. He thus told them, “I see Jesus every day. I am seeing him now.” Continue reading

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Don’t listen to them

“Jesus overhead what they were talking about and said to the leader, ‘Don’t listen to them; just trust me.’” Mark 5:35 (The Message)

After Jesus crossed over by boat, a large crowd met him at the seaside. One of the meeting-place leaders named Jairus came. When he saw Jesus, he fell to his knees, beside himself as he begged, “My dear daughter is at death’s door. Come and lay hands on her so she will get well and live.” Jesus went with him, the whole crowd tagging along, pushing and jostling him.
Continue reading

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He almost took my faith with him

Some months back I had a discussion with this young lady. With her permission, I will share a few excerpts from it with you.

Her story is confirmation of my long held belief that as Christians, we may inadvertently be throwing away potential Christ followers because of/as a result of our lifestyle. Jane (not real name) almost threw away her believe in Christ and association with Christianity because she chose to trust the wrong person. This is her story; Continue reading

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Mind your friendships

One reason my wife “hates” me passionately is my love for cartoon. When she wants to have a peek at those never ending TV series, my son and I are almost always busy with the remote shuttling between any of Nickelodeon, POP, Jim Jam or any other available cartoon channel. Democratically, it is always two of us against one of her; majority wins except when we choose to concede defeat. Continue reading

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Love your neighbor as yourself

JESUS, in answer to a question about which of the commandments is the greatest, made a statement, a statement that, inarguably, is the cornerstone of the very essence of Christianity. He said;

“… Love your neighbor as you love yourself …” (Mark 12:31 NIV).

Continue reading

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The lie became flesh and dwelt among men

Everyone was sure Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) of the series “White Collar” stole an invaluable piece of artifact, a music box. Neal’s girlfriend was being held, the price for her release, the music box. Neal’s friend, Mozzie (Willie Garson) suggested he give up the music box, but Neal said he has no music box. In surprise Mozzie said, “You told everyone you had it.” Neal’s response was; “I never told anyone, everyone assumed I took it and I never corrected them.” With a smile, Mozzie said; “It did make you appear superhuman.” “Image is everything” was Neal’s remark. Continue reading

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Power, Love, and Sound Mind

FOR the spiritually active and alive, quoting scriptures is one way to not only apply scripture to daily life, but to retrieve confidence in times of crisis. Fear is a common feeling of all humans. No matter how strong and brave we may appear, there is always one form of fear lurking somewhere in the shadows. Fear comes in different forms, but there is this fear that grounds its victim in mid-move; bringing all activity to a standstill, the most viable of ideas left to rot out of fear. It is at this time that this favorite verse of scripture comes in handy; Continue reading

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Look beyond the container

Years ago a friend of mine gave a testimony of how God delivered his roommate from the jaws of death. This friend is in the business of producing and marketing homemade liquid detergents. So he had gone to the market and bought the chemicals needed for the next batch of production and brought them home while his roommate was still absent. Continue reading

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Mother of Man Who Killed Pastor Embraces Christianity After Witnessing Forgiveness, Compassion of Church

Christians at a home church in Vietnam. Associated Press/Photo by Chris Brummitt

By LEAH MARIEANN KLETT; sourced from Gospel Herald

The mother of a man who struck a pastor with his car, killing him, embraced Christianity after witnessing the compassion and forgiveness extended by the church’s congregation. Continue reading

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Tell Him about that hunger

THE DAY WAS SUNDAY. We had barely got home from church when he started sleeping. When lunch was ready sometime around 2.00 pm (14.00), he was still sleeping so we ate without him. By the time he woke up it was almost 5.00 pm (17.00). I saw him moody, usually he wakes up with excitement and activity so I asked him; “Ushana, are you okay”, using his favourite question these days when he sees his mother or I sitting quiet. His answer was, “Daddy, I am hungry”. Continue reading

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Today (15 February 2017)1 is apparently #SinglesAwarenessDay – a sharp contrast to the cruel romantic extravagance of Valentine’s Day, which can be an oppressive experience for those who are single.

The Church too, can be a difficult place to be single. Continue reading

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Confession: The Long Silence

It was a bright Wednesday morning; I had gone to the bank for a quick ‘chat’ with the customer service. On my way out, I was walking by a car, a Hyundai Accent, the door was partly open. There was a man sitting at the wheels, probably a driver or a child to the owner of the car waiting for whoever he brought to the bank to finish. As I took the step to pass by the car’s door I heard from the car stereo the sentence that changed my life. It said; “… Success will forever elude you if you think you can use the world’s ideas to do God’s work.” Continue reading

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Which Are You Celebrating?

WHEREVER I go, miracles happen. It does not matter where, when and how. Men walk out of their wheelchairs, tumors dissolve, diabetes and hypertension completely healed. In a crusade in Ibadan last year, a dead man was raised to live. I have healed many of HIV/AIDS. I invite you to watch my miracle services on all TV channels broadcasting in Nigeria. Continue reading

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Jostified to be Justified

WHEN in 2001 I left Gboko for Jos, the only thing I believed was to be obtained was a certificate, a Bachelor of Pharmacy after five years, but was I mistaking? I got something much bigger.

In my first year on campus I attended a crusade and my life was turned around. Before Jos I was just a church goer, but when I got to Jos, I became a Christian; Continue reading

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I Don’t Think About Sex Anymore

Based on a follow up discussion with a young man in his late twenties. I have his permission to share with you his story.

WHEN we met, it was the second time in two months he was coming for treatment of a sexually transmitted infection, gonorrhea. In our discussion, it turned out his lack of control over his sexual passion has placed him at a point where he has had to have sexual contacts without any form of protection, fearing the time it takes to scout for a condom may lead to the partner changing her mind. It was this discussion that culminated into the substance of this write up. Continue reading

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The Serendipity of the Beginning

Back in the days, sometime in 2001, a friend was starting a business. I wanted to help him but I did not have the kind of money to give him that will make even a little impact to the business. So I told him; “I don’t have money to give you, but I will give you business cards.” I was a computer operator who was rather very good at graphics. Continue reading

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Give Me Anointing Not Titles

TODAY, we are truly blessed. We have an exceptional man of God to speak to us. He has travelled far and wide, he is a preacher extra-ordinaire, speaker per excellence, an embodiment of wisdom, an embellishment of wit, an expression of grace and anointing, a true man of timber and caliber. He is His Eminence, The Very Rev Dr. Pharm Arochukwu Ayodele Al-Hassan – PhD, JP, CON, mni. The crowd roars as the preacher climbs the short steps to the podium. His Eminence as he is popularly known and addressed is a man in his early fifties, heavily overweight with a round face and an equally oversized moustache, a bald head and a short stature. Humorously, he is said to be a descendant of Bildad the Shuhite (pronounce shoe-height) one of Jobs friends, or Zaccheus, the short man of Jesus’ days. Continue reading

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It is not just about material riches

I tell you the truth, it is very hard for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven. I’ll say it again – it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:23-24 NLT)

WAS Jesus talking about riches in just material possessions and cash? I do not think so! But do not take my word; let’s take a look at the Bible to confirm. Continue reading

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Helping and Serving an Angel


EVENING had come and the night was fast gaining speed. That was when I received a call that someone needed help; a place to transit from to camp (National Youth Service Corps camp) and back through to an assigned Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). Continue reading

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You Can Change Churches But …

UNTIL you change your attitude and receptivity to the word of God, your situation, spiritually and may be physically and emotionally would never change.

I have been opportune to worship in different churches at different times. At one point I thought if only I found the right church, I would immediately find the nutrition which would give me an accelerated growth into a mature Christian.  How wrong I was! Let me share with you what my church hopping taught me. Continue reading

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Read About These Men

SITTING in the coffee shop with my back to a corner table, my mind was busy going over and adjusting mentally the plans made for the lecture (Why Abstinence Is Not Enough) I was to deliver the next day to a group of secondary school (high school) students. I was adjusting the positions to take, gestures to make, selecting the stories to use to drive the points home, seeking answers to questions that may likely crop up etc. This mental exercise was violently brought to an end as I was pulled back to my environment. It was a deep masculine voice I heard speaking my dialect behind me. Continue reading

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I Have Backslidden

When you hear a brother or sister has backslidden, what immediate thought do you have; “Oh my God, a dog has gone back to its vomit” meaning a sinner has returned to his old ways of sin? For many of us, to backslide means just a return to sinful old ways. But I am here today to share with you that returning to old sinful ways may be just a piece of the lasagna called backsliding. Continue reading

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Eating the fat, juicy, nutritious frog

There is a school of thought that holds the view that if a man must eat a frog, he should go for the fat, juicy one; that way when men point fingers at him for eating a frog, he will take solace in the fact that it was fat, juicy, nutritious and satisfying. What this means is, if you must do a thing, enjoy it so that if there is any backlash, you will be happy you at least enjoyed it while it lasted. Continue reading

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Mind Your Own Business

“We are careful to be honorable before the LORD, but we also want everyone else to see that we are honorable” (2Cor 8:21).

Mind your own business, I too will do same.

These words are not alien to us and they suggest no one is to bother us with their ideas on how we should live or do our things, just like we also will not sale our ideas to them. Continue reading

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Throw The Cow Off The Cliff

Take your time and read to the last dot.

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a Chinese wise man and his disciple. One day in their travels, they saw a hut in the distance. As they approached they realized that it was occupied in spite of its extremely poor appearance. Continue reading

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Lies in the Church


SITTING in church, close to the end of the service, the pastor while talking about the service of the next Sunday said; “If you will be around next Sunday, shout halleluya.” There was a chorus halleluya shouted by the church. Shortly after I shouted halleluya, I realised to  my amazement that I had just lied. I would not be in that service; Continue reading

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Date Rape: Know These Traps

SHE is beautiful, with a nice figure and the necessary curves in the right places. Her name is Cindy. On the day we met, it was after my presentation to a group of young people. She wore a black skirt several inches above the knee and a light blue top that afforded anyone who cared a generous view of her bosom which was made more obvious by the brightly coloured pendant that dangled lazily just above the cleavage. Continue reading

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The New Thinking in Christianity

Trouble never comes aloneWHEN I became serious with Christianity there was a song we used to sing; part of the lyrics goes thus: “Today oo, I will lift up my voice in praise … No matter what I face, when TROUBLE comes my way I will praise the Lord.” I have noticed that the lyrics have since been changed to: “… when SUCCESS comes my way I will praise the Lord.” Continue reading

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Even a Momentary Lose of Concentration

image REMNISCING over a discussion I had with my wife, a particular event of the day crossed my mind. Let me share it with you, just the way it happened.

I sat eating my favourite meal of ‘swallow’ with egusi soup. I was so engrossed in it the world around me ground to a halt. All my attention was on the meal. The room was not so bright, but not dark; just lit enough to see my food with clarity. Continue reading

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Part 3: The Two Crying ‘Doves’ (1)

They got the name, ‘crying doves’, during my university days. There were such times I would send an SMS (not Short Message Service but Save My Soul) to them, usually through letters or verbal message and most times a report would come back how much tears they would shed when they learnt even my garri was finished. These two doves are my two surviving sisters, Mlumun and Nguseer. Continue reading

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Part Two: The ‘Unlikely’ and ‘Distant’ Benefactor

I still remember while working on one of the ever present reconstruction tasks at home with my dad (I can’t remember what exactly it was now), he made a statement that he will go to any length to make sure I have a sound education. When my father, Rev Richard Beragu Amene, passed away, I was still in SSS 1. The chances of completing the secondary school education were slim, but thanks to my mum I made it through; so it would be no surprise if I say my hope of an advanced education died with him. However, out of the thick darkness and gloom emerged bloom, a man who saw me through university from day one to the final year; and who is still there for me till date. Continue reading

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I don’t know how to say thank you! I am not proud of it, but I have got to say it because it is a statement of fact. However I say thank you, I always feel something is missing. In this short series, I wish to draw attention to the people who have had serious impact in my life. Some may think their deeds were unnoticed, but this is to tell you that it was noticed and appreciated. In life, we come across many people; some help us grow, some retard our growth; some we struggle to keep their memory intact and fresh, others we wish memories of them will be forever wiped; others give us cause for smiles, some give us cause for tears; but in all we learn, we grow, we become better. Continue reading

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Take Off The Grave Clothes

Archaeologists and historians have told us that in the olden days, dead men were embalmed and wrapped in several layers of clothing before placing them in the tomb.

In the Bible book of John chapter eleven (John 11), there is a story of how Jesus raised a man, Lazarus from death. When Jesus brought him back to life, He (Jesus) made a very fundamental statement; “Take off the grave clothes and let him go” (John 11:44 NIV). Continue reading

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The first may not harm you but …


“When I first did it, it really meant nothing to me. As a matter of fact, I wondered why I had wasted my time and energy longing and planning for it. It didn’t change me, it left no craving. I spent the next couple of years, eight (8) years to be precise, celibate. But after the eight years when I began to think time may be running out on me and I had not yet enjoyed life like most of my friends kept boasting about, I tried it again, and again, and may be again. It was then I found the cravings. I wanted it, I loved it and desired it at all times and would always manoeuvre my way to get it. That was the beginning of the predicament that has brought me here.”

“What did I learn from my experience? The first time did not change me or left a craving because then we were both naive and inexperienced. We didn’t know what to do to and/or for the other so that both of us would have an enhanced pleasure. So at the end, the pleasure I derived from it was no better than the pleasure my ‘solo-moments’ gave me; I never did crave for it as I saw nothing special in it to crave for. However, when I tried it again after eight years, I had met those with experience and I also had gained some theoretical experience through reading. Thus I derived some pleasure from what I did and what was done to me that exceeded what I was used to in my solo-moments. It was from this time that I began to crave for more of that pleasure. This craving became an addiction when the only thing I desired with/from the opposite sex was sex.”

Continue reading

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Who Is This Your Jesus (2)?


Is this the same Jesus who subjected himself to his earthly parents? Look at these, Jesus’ conception was without input from Joseph who was considered his father so we can say Jesus could have elected to refuse Joseph’s authority over Him. Everyone knew Jesus was a product of the Holy Spirit and even His mother Mary had no say in his birth. In all these Jesus still obeyed them to the fullest and did as they asked (John 2:). Continue reading

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Who Is This Your Jesus (1)?

You may not like me much after reading this, but I plead with you to read anyway. You may hate me afterwards, but your life, at least, would be saved. So let me ask you, who is this your Jesus?

Who is this Jesus you say you worship and serve. Continue reading

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Live Like Alone

SAM and DAN were very good friends who did almost everything together. Even though they were born into Christian homes, still attending church, and once in a while giving testimonies and rendering special numbers, their lives had no sign of genuine Christianity. Sam could lust and chase after anything in skirt; Dan could magnet any valuable with his fingers and because they were a pair of good liars, Continue reading

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Look Inwards

SITTING by the side of the road in Abuja waiting for my friend to come and pick me up, I saw two young men run across the road and head towards me. Chatting excitedly one of them said in pigeon English; “This kain race wey I dey use cross road so if I carry am go Olympics, na gold I go get.” (Translated “this type of speed I have been using to cross roads, if I took it to Olympics, I’ll get a gold medal”). I said to myself, Continue reading

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Will He Find Us Awake?

This is Day Ten of the Scripture Challenge. When I made the first day post on May 24 or there about I nominated some people to carry on the challenge. I did that for a few more days then stopped nominating. Out of all my nominees, only two responded, each with one piece of entry (that is day one). While thinking of this silence, an article I wrote sometime ago on March 4, 2014 (part I) and March 5, 2014 (part II) titled as above came to mind. Are we sleeping on duty? I have reproduced it below for your reading pleasure.

Will He Find Us Awake? Continue reading

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What You See Is What You Get

From yesterday’s piece (From where you are, look), we came to the conclusion that God is not expecting us to attain a certain statue or level in life before we begin to draw visions of tomorrow, have big dreams and make big plans. We will take off from this understanding as we ruminate more on Gen 13:14-15.

Look carefully in all directions Continue reading

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From Where You Are, LOOK

“… From where you are, look carefully in all directions. I am going to give you and your descendants all the land that you see, and it will be yours forever” (Gen 13:14-15 GNB).

THIS was God speaking to Abram (who later became Abraham), and for those who may not know the story, Abram had just separated from Lot when God came making this promise. Continue reading

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Stuck by the roadside

WE were on our way to the hospital to keep an appointment for my son’s circumcision. Half way through the journey I wanted to change gear but when I pressed the clutch pedal, it went down and didn’t come back up. If you have a little knowledge of cars, you will quickly see that we were stuck. Continue reading

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God’s Boolean Tautology

THERE once lived a priest who in the face of a very sad and painful experience would say; “Cheer up! Who knows what would have happened if this had not happened?” One day, Mr John one of the priest’s parishioners lost his only child and son. During his sermon the Priest told the family not to grieve like unbelievers, concluding with his famous words; “who knows what would have happened if this had not happened?” Mr John was furious but out of respect kept his calm. A week later, Continue reading

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Get your inheritance back (1)

RICHARD’s attorney spoke up again after everyone had concluded something was wrong as none of the beneficiaries of his will was given any of his companies. “According to this will as deposited with us, Master Richardson is to inherit this key to a safe box number BN234 located at the Oval Window, second floor, Grand Central Post Office. Continue reading

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A Son’s Faith in His Father (2)

How does God throw us up? In part one of A Sons Faith in the Father, we said; it is “When He allows challenges come our way. When He seems so far away and challenges seem so close.” We will explore further with these two events (these are true life stories for which I have permission to make public, Continue reading

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A Son’s Faith in his Father (1)

USHANA is my two-year old son who has taught me what faith and trust looks like. One of our fun times is the throw-me-up time when I throw him up and as he succumbs to gravitational pull I hold him before he hits the hard floor. The look on his face, the wide grin, the giggle and his frequently asking for it shows he enjoys it. Why is he not afraid? Has he ever thought, “what if daddy does not catch me?” Has he ever said, “I better look for ways to save myself should daddy decide to play a fast one Continue reading

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September 8 – Fat Fat Jehoshaphat


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Does God Permit a Divorced Person to Re-Marry?

Fact Based Truth

bible-divorceDoes God Permit a Divorced Person to Re-Marry? Let’s open up scripture and find out.

View original post 538 more words

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