He almost took my faith with him

Some months back I had a discussion with this young lady. With her permission, I will share a few excerpts from it with you.

Her story is confirmation of my long held belief that as Christians, we may inadvertently be throwing away potential Christ followers because of/as a result of our lifestyle. Jane (not real name) almost threw away her believe in Christ and association with Christianity because she chose to trust the wrong person. This is her story;

“James and John sold a set of used furniture to me for a princely sum of sixty thousand naira (N60,000.00). I was to pay the N60,000 in three installments of N20,000 each. The owner of the furniture was James, John was his longtime friend and colleague. John is even known in some quarters as pastor, MOG. When I was ready with the first installment, I could not reach James so I called John to inform him of my readiness with the payment. John came a few days later that he was sent by James to make the collection. Since they were friends and colleagues, with John known as Man of God, I had no reason to believe he could be lying. That was how John received the three installments. Few weeks after John received the third installment, James appeared apologizing for his long absence, saying he hopes I have not grown tired of keeping the money for him. It was then I realized John had no mandate from James to collect the money; and not a kobo of the money he collected reached James. James had no slightest idea John had made any collections from me.”

One part of this narration that made me afraid was when Jane made this statement; “When John disappeared after collecting my money and could not be found, my faith almost disappeared with him. God save us from Christians.”

Are we drawing people to Christ with our lives or driving them away from Christ? Remember what Philip did;

“Philip found Nathanael and told him, ‘We have found the one Moses wrote about … Come and see,’ said Philip” (John 1:45, 46 NIV).

If you will not bring them to Him, do not drive them away from Him!

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