Thank You Lord for Your blessing on me

I woke up today, 25th September, wondering how to thank God! With access to the entire wealth of the English language vocabulary, my mouth could not utter a single coherent word of thanks. … It was in this void that I remembered a song …


Bringing Lazarus to life: The One Who Believes
Who is Lazarus? There are two of them, at least by my count, in scripture; … But I am not talking about any of these; our Lazarus is the third one…

Like the Naira Note
Imagine a one thousand Naira note. Do you have any idea where it’s being? Do you know what it has been used for? Do you know what has happened to it? … In spite of all that may have happened to this … one thousand Naira note, the moment you get hold of it, you instantly know it’s value; One Thousand Naira.


Le Rivelazioni (Italian for The Revelations) is an outstanding blogsite that reveals truths found in the word of God. It publishes truth that convicts, strengthens, encourages and motivates. It points the sinner to Christ, encourages new converts to send roots down and deep rooted Christians to bear fruit. Its aim is to reveal Christ to as many as possible, until we all come to the full knowledge of Christ.